Spring 2021 Issue of CLEW NEWS

Mon, 04/26/2021 - 09:31
by CLEW Interest Group of the CPCU Society

The link below will take you to the Spring 2021 issue of CLEW NEWS, a newsletter brought to you by the Coverage, Litigators, Educators, and Witnesses (CLEW) Interest Group of the CPCU Society.

This issue focuses on “Witnesses” and includes articles on:

•             Writing a Bulletproof Expert Report by Kevin Quinley;

•             Five Tips for Improving Your “Likability Factor” by Elise Farnum;

•             Top 10 Deposition Do’s and Don’ts by Bill Wilson; and

•             Be Prepared: Deposition Preparation by Tommy Michaels.

You can also access the newsletter (and previous issues) by logging on the CLEW Interest Group Web Site:


Scroll to: NEWS (on the right of the horizontal banner);


Click on: MEMBER-ONLY (you will have to be logged in to view the past newsletters).

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