Let’s think about ….THE VALUE OF A CPCU

Tue, 09/29/2020 - 10:08
by Brett Clausen, CPCU, FBL


Here are the thoughts of another CPCU in West Des

Moines Iowa, as expressed on the INteract All

Members Community Forum on September 29th.

Thanks to Brett Clausen, CPCU, FBL Financial Group,



“We can belong to several organizations and put it on

the resume. No one cares. What matters is the

difference that you make. If you belong, do nothing,

and don't actively engage in the opportunity given, it

is a total waste of your time and talents – as well as

the organizations. Defining opportunity and value as

a CPCU Society member:


Leadership. The CPCU Society gave me the

opportunity to build my leadership skills with really

no chance of being fired. It allowed me to fail, learn

from it and get better. And by the way, failing is one

of the best lessons. The leadership opportunities are

endless and free for the taking!


Mentorship. This is one of the greatest

opportunities – to have access to experts and

colleagues in our industry. We all need mentors to

grow and we as leaders, should be a mentor. Our

industry needs more talent and we need to be part of

the solution.


Global Network. There is absolutely no way I could

have built my network, which goes well beyond any

border, without the CPCU Society. I continue today to

build that network and technology is making it much

easier and more accessible than ever before. The

Friday CPCU Happy Hours are virtual allowing me to

connect with CPCUs in multiple countries.


Lifelong Learning. This speaks for itself. Achieving

the CPCU designation is just the beginning – the entry

pass to lifelong learning and success. It truly was the

difference maker in my career. Our industry

continues to evolve. The CPCU Society is on the

cutting edge of this and allows us to collaborate to

find viable solutions to our greatest challenges.

These are just a few of the many reasons that I

continue to belong and pay my dues to the CPCU



Thank you to all the CPCU leaders, mentors and

volunteers that continue to make this the best

experience and investment for me personally and

professionally. “


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