Invest Seeking Volunteers to Teach New Insurance Program

Wed, 02/17/2021 - 08:00
by Kim Nicholl-Keane, M.Ed., CAE, CMP

Seeking Volunteers to Teach New Insurance Program

Invest, a non-profit organization that educates, prepares and attracts diverse young people to new, exciting opportunities and career paths in insurance is partnering with the Amazon to train local warehouse associates for new careers in the insurance industry.

As part of its benefits for warehouse associates, Amazon's Career Choice program provides resources so they can develop new job skills for in-demand and higher paying careers. An eight-week Invest insurance education course was recently approved as a new career study path for Amazon workers.

This new program comes at a critical time as the insurance industry faces a talent gap of 400,000 workers over the next decade.

They are seeking industry professionals to serve as volunteer insurance teachers – with a time commitment of no more than eight hours for just one week in the year. Their goal is to have multiple teachers to reduce the time needed from each volunteer. Insurance topics for this eight-week program include:
Introduction to insurance careers

  • An overview of insurance
  • Managing risk and understanding loss
  • Marketing and selling insurance
  • Insurance agency operations
  • Fundamentals of auto insurance
  • Introduction to property insurance
  • Business insurance overview 

Please see attached documents for more details on the curriculum and the commitment.  To sign up, or if you have questions please contact Invest Executive Director Deborah Pickford at

Kim Nicholl-Keane, M.Ed., CAE, CMP
Deputy Executive Director
CPCU Society

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