IG Road Show Tour #2

Fri, 07/17/2020 - 07:37
by Heather Blevins CPCU

The IG Road Show Tour #2 was completed on July 15, 2020,  with over 50+ CPCU's signing in and learning more about interest groups! Thanks to all who attended! We appreciate your engagement.

Featured speakers yesterday:

Leadership Council Member: @Donald George [interact.cpcusociety.org]

PERG/LME: @Sherry Mc Fadden [interact.cpcusociety.org]

IT: @Dawayne Eason [interact.cpcusociety.org]

Personal Lines: @Michael Koscielny Jr [interact.cpcusociety.org]

IG Governor: @Stephanie Wells [interact.cpcusociety.org]

Chapter Governor: @Melissa Jadin [interact.cpcusociety.org]

Thanks to all who are continuing their behind the scenes work to champion this awesome event! @Denise Brown [interact.cpcusociety.org]

Stay tuned for the next IG Road Show on 08/04/2020 1 PST/2MST/3CST/4EST featuring past CPCU Society Presidents!

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Great event - look forward to the next IG Road Show on 08/04!
2 years 6 months ago