CPCU Chapter Student Engagement News - August, 2021

Wed, 08/25/2021 - 09:37
by Lamont D. Boyd, CPCU, AIM

We hope you're well and that your 2021 Summer has not been too restrictive or disruptive!

We also hope you're able to "hit the road running" as we approach the fall semester for so many schools, so here are some successful student engagement efforts to encourage your local efforts:


 Hawaii CPCU Chapter – Keith Murota

•             Several years ago, insurance company leaders came together to assist to create and support an insurance certificate program at the University of Hawaii at West Oahu (UHWO) which included an internship program.

•             Courses are led by current and retired insurance professionals and the curriculum allows students to graduate with two CPCU courses completed.

•             Some companies maintain that initial relationship with both the University of Hawaii at West Oahu and University of Hawaii at Manoa to continually recruit interns.

•             The UHWO director was able to establish a Gamma Iota Sigma Chapter.

•             The Chapter Board continues to maintain a relationship with the UHWO director to invite students to participate in events including those from National.

•             Since COVID, UHWO has held virtual "Talk Story" sessions in which insurance professionals are able to have impromptu conversations with a smaller group of students.

•             Recognizing current enrollment struggles, UHWO has been reaching out to local high schools to draw interest.

•             The Hawaii Chapter and UHWO believes all the recent support with scholarships, waivers, and virtual events has been successful and plan to continue these efforts.


Arkansas CPCU Chapter – Cynthia Burleson

•             The Arkansas Chapter has at least one chapter meeting annually on campus at the University of Central Arkansas.

o             Hosted by the Arkansas Chapter and the UCA Gamma Iota Sigma Chapter.

•             The Arkansas Chapter hosts GIS/IRM students at an Arkansas Travelers Baseball game in early May.

o             The Chapter provides a typical baseball meal (hot dogs, chips, drinks, etc..).

o             This as a great networking event as we eat in a "picnic" area where we can visit with students during the game.


Arizona CPCU Chapter – Caroline West

•             The Arizona Chapter offers a $1,000 scholarship to five students annually, typically funded by our I-Day and annual golf tournament.

o             Our scholarship recipients in past years have come from Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and University of Arizona.

o             Scholarship recipients are welcomed to a congratulatory monthly chapter luncheon annually.

•             Members of the Arizona Chapter participate on the RMI Advisory Committees for NAU, Grand Canyon University and Rio Salado College.

o             Four members of the chapter are adjunct professors for the Rio Salado Insurance Studies program.

•             Our chapter was instrumental in the creation of Gamma Iota Sigma Chapters at ASU, NAU, GCU and Rio.

•             Our chapter provides limited financial support annually to each of the above RMI/Actuarial Science programs.

•             All students are welcome to attend our chapter's virtual events, including I-Day, this year and last year.


Columbus CPCU Chapter – Dale Halon

•             Met with leaders of GIS Alpha Chapter at Ohio State University.

o             In the process of electing one member to CPCU Chapter Board as a non-voting member.

o             Agreed on initial objectives of educating members and prospective members regarding industry opportunities and benefits for CPCU.

o             Submitted roster to Society for CPCU membership.

o             Invited members to new designee congratulatory meeting and trivia contest for networking.

•             Met with GIS faculty advisor at Ohio Dominican University.

o             Submitted roster to Society for CPCU membership.

o             Invited members to new designee congratulatory meeting and trivia contest for networking.

•             Reached out to GIS Chapter at New Mexico State University (Dale lives in New Mexico) to begin networking and exploration of intersecting objectives.

•             Upcoming: schedule topics and meeting dates for educating GIS members.

o             Connecting leaders of both ODU and OSU GIS Chapters for their own networking and synergy.

o             Extend micro grant availability to students.

o             Aid GIS in recruiting by providing roadmaps to industry studies and networking opportunities.

o             Invite students to take advantage of mentor program.


Charlotte CPCU Chapter – Edwin Herrera


•             Charlotte CPCU Chapter partners with Appalachian State and UNC Charlotte Universities.

•             We have a UNC Charlotte Risk Management professor as an active member on our Chapter board and we maintain regular communication with the ASU Insurance department.

•             We annually sponsor CPCU scholarships at both schools.  Scholarship amounts in 2020 were $6,000 for each school.  Scholarship award recipients are determined by each University.

•             Each year scholarship recipients are invited to attend our annual I-day to speak to the crowd on the impact of the scholarship on their education.

•             Charlotte Chapter CPCU education courses are marketed to both universities. The pandemic has allowed us to offer more virtual courses.

•             Each fall the Charlotte Chapter holds an industry shadow day.

•             Students from each school spend a "day in the life" shadowing industry professionals through a typical workday.

•             In 2021 we expect around 35 students to participate in shadowing from around 20 company sponsors.

•             We host a reception at the end of the day with a dinner. Each student is asked to stand and speak to the audience about their experience. This serves as a great networking event and has directly led to several hires in the past.

•       Representatives from each University are invited to our annual meeting in December where scholarship amounts for the year are presented.


Middle Georgia CPCU Chapter – Chris Orrison

•             Chapter representative(s)

•             Visit and speak to Mercer University RMI classes.

•             Attend Central GA Technical College (CGTC) alumni event.

•             Discussed developing AA degree for RMI studies at CGTC.

•             Similar to Rio Salado College (Arizona).

•             Discussed Chapter members speaking to CGTC students in business classes.

•             Shared In2Risk attendance opportunities and Chapter membership opportunities with Mercer RMI students.

•             Informed Mercer Director of Career Management Resources of industry internships.

•             Shared internship financial aid information with Mercer RMI students.

•             Shared CPCU Interest Group Roadshow webinar info with Mercer RMI students. 


Finally, please check out Project Invest as this program offers great resources – “Why Choose Insurance?” – to help us all promote the industry to our next generation of future leaders.


While Project Invest in primarily focused on high school programs, the video testimonials and industry information they share is insightful and most appropriate for all students (and their parents!). 


As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Student Action Committee with any questions, suggestions, successes you’d also like to share!

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